my favorite shampoo for now is Egg Oil Shine Shampoo by RAUSCH (Switzerland)
(that's why its actually empty on the pic, but it's light yellow).
contains proteins from fresh egg yolk and 
surprisingly smells like heaven.

the eco-friendly duo i'm also in love with is More Moisture by BURT'S BEES (USA)!
it's 99% natural, enriched with amino acid, baobab and avocado oil.
i think of my sister every time i use it aww

all my leave-ons are from Moroccanoil (Israel). 
i apply the classic Oil Treatment on my damp hair 
and Glimmer Shine Spray on dry ends after styling. 

i rarely use a hairspray, but this one is light and 
controls my fringe for at least couple hours.
j'adore the smell of argan oil again

since 10% of my hair is blond now, i use
this great Shampooing Argent by Eugene Perma (France) 
once in a month or so. it gives cool violet foam 
and refreshes the shade of my dyed locks.


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