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i always knew i would love london.
and i realized it sharply when i first stepped out of my hotel 
to a sunny and idyllic Queens Gardens' sidewalk. 
i can't name a thing about this place that i didn't like - 
even the tube and loads of tourists. 

places to eat i've really loved are 'SKETCH' with it's great artistic touch 
and fairytale-like teaparties - i would spend every breakfast and dinner there, 
switching for the lunch to italian 'CECCONI'S' (mmm mozzarella balls!) - 
it feels really casual and chic at a time.

i didn't use cabs a lot, since the weather was fine and 
walks around mayfair, soho and knightsbridge were my favorite. 
though i loved every district i've been to - a tiny buzzing movie-like chinatown and 
deserted gothic southwark, where you always expect to see a tudor knight  by the corner.

i'm not a fan of soulless contemporary art, but TATE MODERN was a big deal for me 
because of Mark Rothko's hall. i've spent almost an hour sitting in middle of this grey room, 
surrounded by several incredibly inspiring paintings in black, pink, red and deep violet. 
i love Rothko!

i went to quite many museums and galleries, 
including totally great THE WALLACE COLLECTION and totally vain Tussaud's.

i've got hundreds of pictures of english buildings, streets and bridges -
london is so vividly different and always beautiful by architecture.

to be continued 

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